Thermal management

Our technologies for optimum heat management easily handle high currents, ensure effective heat dissipation from high-clock-speed, heat-producing processors and power components and also carry the control electronics on the same board. 

Graphic of a PCB for power electronics

Your benefits

  • Precisely targeted thermal conduction of heat loss from power components
  • Creation of an individual concept based on your requirements
  • Support with the design, dimensioning and choice of concept for your PCB
  • Thermal simulations, measurements and analyses
  • Implementation of the layout in the standard process

Design examples for TO263 casing Copper profile + microvias/thermovias/blind vias:

Bent copper profile + micro vias / thermovias:

Copper profile + microvias/thermovias

Single-layer copper IMS:

Example: Thermal Clad HT-04503 material from Henkel/Bergquist

Thermal conductivity of 2.2 applies only to the insulation material (bright yellow)

  • Thick Cu film top: 70 µm
  • Thickness of dielectric: 76 µm
  • Dielectric thermal conductivity: 2.2W/m*K
  • Copper substrate thickness: 1.0 mm

Application: Marine and boat lighting 

Structure4-layer multilayer, 35µm copper
MaterialFR4 TG130°C
PCB thickness1.6 mm
Circuit board technology1.3mm thick copper profile for heat dissipation
Special featuresPartial heat dissipation in the area of the LEDs combined with control electronics on the board

Application: automotive EMC and electrical system testing 

Structure4-layer multilayer, 70µm copper
MaterialFR4 TG130°C
PCB thickness1.6 mm
Circuit board technology12mm wide copper profiles on the inside
Special featuresCopper profiles for 100A current flow and for heat dissipation to heat sink on back of board

Motor controller for fan cooling 

Structure4-layer multilayer, 70µm copper
MaterialFR4 TG150°C Panasonic R1566W
PCB thickness1.7 mm
Circuit board technology12mm, 8mm and 2mm wide copper profiles on an inner layer and an outer layer for 60 and 15 amperes
Special featuresEight half-bridges have to be connected to the connectors by 3x15A conductors. Heat dissipation from the half-bridges has to be carried via a bending edge to a PCB tab that is glued to an aluminium heat sink in the casing.

Application: Electric vehicles 

Structure4-layer multilayer, 70µm copper
MaterialFR4 TG150°C Panasonic R-1566W
PCB thickness1.6 mm
Circuit board technologyHSMtec, 8 and 12mm wide copper profiles on the inside
Special featuresCopper profiles for 220A current flow and for heat dissipation to heat sink on back of board

Optimising high-current circuit boards for motor controllers: Technical article from Elektronik Praxis
Description: Three PCB technologies for high-current PCBs are compared in this article: thick-film, Iceberg and HSMtec. PCB topology and design have an effect on the current-carrying capacity and heat dissipation of the power semiconductors

The technical parameters for implementing a PCB with effective heat dissipation are numerous. That is why we advise you to talk to us at a very early stage of development. Through an on-site or online consultation or an in-house workshop, we can discuss the technical aspects and special considerations that such PCB types involve right from the start. We are also happy to help you with technical optimisation features or cost reduction measures.

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PCB technologies for heat management

KSG offers you two technology variants for optimum heat management:

Copper IMS

Graphic of a copper IMS PCB

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