Thermal management

Our technologies for optimum heat management easily handle high currents, ensure effective heat dissipation from high-clock-speed, heat-producing processors and power components and also carry the control electronics on the same board. 

Graphic of a PCB for power electronics

Your benefits

  • Precisely targeted thermal conduction of heat loss from power components
  • Creation of an individual concept based on your requirements
  • Support with the design, dimensioning and choice of concept for your PCB
  • Thermal simulations, measurements and analyses
  • Implementation of the layout in the standard process

Design examples for TO263 casing Copper profile + microvias/thermovias/blind vias:

Bent copper profile + micro vias / thermovias:

Copper profile + microvias/thermovias

Single-layer copper IMS:

Example: Thermal Clad HT-04503 material from Henkel/Bergquist

Thermal conductivity of 2.2 applies only to the insulation material (bright yellow)

  • Thick Cu film top: 70 µm
  • Thickness of dielectric: 76 µm
  • Dielectric thermal conductivity: 2.2W/m*K
  • Copper substrate thickness: 1.0 mm

We can offer you the following services for ideal heat management:

  • Advice on the right choice of PCB technology 
  • Concepts for heat dissipation from hot spots (MOSFETs, LEDs, etc.) 
  • Assistance with layout for hot-spot heat management
  • Thermal insulation, thermographs and measurements

We are happy to support your thermal management project at every step along the way. 
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PCB technologies for heat management

KSG offers you two technology variants for optimum heat management:

Copper IMS

Graphic of a copper IMS PCB

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Thermal management for power components

Power and control electronics on a single PCB

Extended service life and reduced system costs

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