Express production in series quality

Employees at the printed circuit board manufacturer providing express service

Our express service allows you to implement your ideas as quickly as possible. We can deliver in as little as three days.

Express production in series quality

Even if you order only one printed circuit board from KSG, the process is the same as if it were thousands. Even small batches and blank samples are produced on the series production systems. So you can be sure from day one that your project is suitable for series production.

Your printed circuit boards are as individual as our manufacturing processes. Therefore, you will receive an individually tailored quote from us according to the complexity and requirements. And you can have your printed circuit board samples in your hands in little more than 3 working days. You can also order express production of small and medium-sized printed circuit board batches.

Work with us and benefit from these advantages:

  • Printed circuit board samples in production quality
  • Delivery time from 3 working days
  • Express production of small and medium batches
Detailed view of several stacked PCB boards

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