Overview of printed circuit board technologies 

We manufacture PCBs that operate on the smallest of scales. And we also produce circuit boards that control immense installations. The versatility of KSG PCB technologies is endless. But they all have one thing in common: Even in the smallest space there is still a great demand for PCB perfection. Only when each individual detail is correct is the entire process the right process.

Base materials and technical specifications

The base material is the foundation of every single printed circuit board and electronic module. Nowadays there are innumerable materials available. And each of them offers special properties for specific applications. Whatever you intend to use your PCBs for, KSG has the right raw materials for the job. To that end, we have cooperative partnerships with Isola, Panasonic, Nanya Technology, Rogers Corp. and Taconic.

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Quality policy and certification


  • Automotive requirements for a QM system
  • Quality management certificate
  • Certificate for environmental management
  • Certificate for systematic energy management
  • Certificate for exports to North America and Canada

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Express production in series quality

Even if you order only one printed circuit board from KSG, the process is the same as if it were thousands. Even small batches and blank samples are produced on the series production systems. So you can be sure from day one that your project is suitable for series production.

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