Calculation of layer stack-ups

Layer structure calculated in advance pays off

You specify thermal and electrical properties. We determine the optimum technically feasible layer architecture with minimum use of materials. 

Our calculation tool combines decades of experience from the manufacture of a wide variety of applications and makes a contribution to the resource-saving use of materials.

For cost-effective production, a homogeneous and symmetrical copper coating and a symmetrical material structure should be aimed for as far as possible. Our calculations and experience take account of:

  • Compliance with the required minimum distances between the individual layers
  • Optimum resin filling of the conductor structures
  • Dielectric spacing for impedance structures
  • Compliance with the required total thickness
KSG employees calculating the layer structure of a circuit board.

Graphical representation of a sample calculation for layer structures.

Get even deeper into the material – with the KSG Design Compass and the selection options for base materials. Download it now!

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