Impedance calculation

Impedance calculation

One of our services that PCB developers particularly value is impedance calculation. Simply because the market for impedance-controlled printed circuit boards is growing rapidly. 

The calculation of impedances is a complex process supported by software using the latest methods and printed circuit board layout modelling. The software allows accurate simulation of changes in the conductor track parameters. 

That makes it possible to forecast exact impedance characteristics, taking production tolerances into account.

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With KSG you benefit from these advantages:

  • Impedance and layer structure verification during the CAD concept or design phase
  • Creation of a layer structure with calculation of the impedance structures, including in combination with complex rewiring strategies 
  • Calculation and adaptation of the layer structure and the conductors subject to impedance taking into account real conductor geometries as well as material and process-related tolerances 
  • Impedance measurement and recording on separate impedance test leads 

The impedance of the signal conductor and power supply increasingly plays a decisive role in the function of printed circuit boards. This is due to the ever shorter switching times, higher clock speeds and transmission frequencies of the circuits. As a consequence, the clock speeds on the signal lines of the printed circuit board also increase.

To ensure signal integrity in an electrical transmission system, the signal source, transmission line and receiver must have the same characteristic impedance. For the printed circuit board, that means a corresponding continuation of the transmission lines in the form of impedance-controlled conductors. In order to avoid impedance mismatches and, consequently, transmission errors, physical and high-frequency conditions must be taken into account from design to production.

The following software tools and measurement techniques are available:

  • Impedance calculation software Polar SI8000
  • Polar CouponGenerator for generating a separate impedance measurement coupon
  • CITS 880s 4-channel impedance meter from Polar Instruments for measurement of single-ended and differential impedances
  • Datalog report generator for static evaluation and logging of measured values

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