Design and layout check

Your layout: reliable and suitable for series production.

Errors that occur at the start of product development tend to be the most expensive to remedy. And this is why we leave nothing to chance, even at the early, pre-production stages. As part of our standard design rule checks, our experienced PCB experts use IPC design parameters and the KSG guidelines to check whether your layout data is plausible and reliably producible. This allows us to detect any potential error sources at an early stage before the start of production. Our support is always focused on ensuring suitability for series production – even before the very first layout draft. As a potential sparring partner in your development process, we provide you with comprehensive advice in relation to the various manufacturing methods as well as optimisation opportunities for your design. You can therefore rest assured that you’ll end up with a long-lasting PCB – right from the very first unit.

KSG employee optimising a circuit board layout

Our services around design and layout

  • Advice on base materials, manufacturing processes, design rules, mechanical and conductor pattern tolerances
  • Design and complexity reduction recommendations for highly integrated components
  • Layer structure proposals according to technical and electrical requirements, such as printed circuit board thickness, installation conditions, layer spacing, drilling and rewiring concepts, high-current and thermal management and impedance behaviour
  • Design of cost-effective assembly benefits – adapted to the KSG production format and your specifications
  • Checking the layout and design data for errors (design-rule- check) and production suitability
  • Corrections in layout and design after consultation and approval
  • For samples and small batches: preparation of production data
  • CAM data processing at the production site concerned – without any external processing
  • Provision of production data for cross-checking and approval
  • Generation of data sets for the production of solder paste stencils

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