We also produce for your industry.


Overview of our industries

Working with any application or sector presents special challenges and unique technological aspects. The choice of which PCB technology is used for specific applications depends on technological and cost-related considerations. Our broad range of technologies allows us to offer the right solution for all of these requirements. We are happy to share our expertise on installation and implementation in individual workshops and consultation meetings.

We produce forward-looking technologies from prototypes to mass production for clients from the electronics, automotive, medical technology and electronic manufacturing services (EMS) sectors.  


"Smart lighting", "self-driving", "connected vehicles", and other trends in automotive electronics have really taken off. In order to get self-driving vehicles on the road, for example, RF circuitry carriers for radar applications are crucial. Close development partnerships with automotive suppliers, technological know-how, and high product performance are also vital. All of these points have helped us to become a market leader in the production of high-complexity RF circuitry carriers.

Industrial electronics

Industrial electronics are changing. And we're keeping pace - so you can, too. Of course, traditional measurement control technology is still used. However, plenty of new opportunities are coming to light in the fields of automation and sensor technology. We're reacting to this trend and are continually expanding our circuitry carrier portfolio. Whether you need traditional plated-through boards or multilayer SBU circuits, we'll find out which technology meets your needs and we'll deliver in accordance with Just In Time principles. This applies for series-standard samples and series.

Medical technology

Even though medical supply systems are becoming increasingly lighter, more mobile, and smaller, we place a really high value on their reliability. To ensure this, we draw on extensive experience with complex, 3D-integrated circuitry carriers and a high integration density. You also benefit from our diverse offering of multidimensional PCB technologies, top quality and short delivery times, and experts who will develop and implement your ideas on site with surgical precision.

Electronic Manufacturing Service

We've already been caring for the needs of EMS service providers for a long time. We know exactly how to develop and manufacture boards for you. And we're always ready to face new and growing challenges. We do so not only to keep ahead of the times ourselves, but also so that you can set the pace on the international market and secure competitive advantages. We can also support you in the development and optimization of your PCBs - to ensure optimum, cost-effective production.