Calculation of current-carrying capacity

Calculating the current-carrying capacity of printed circuit boards.

Our calculations for the current carrying capacity of a printed circuit board are software-supported – based on empirically determined results. The calculations of the current-carrying capacity ensure that your application ultimately functions perfectly.

The following points, amongst others, are taken into account when making the calculations:

  • Temperature conditions
  • Circuit board technology
  • Layer stack-up
  • Number of high-current conductor tracks

The dimensioning of conductor tracks is subject to a standard set of rules. If you want things to be absolutely accurate, our Product Management can support you right from the very early stages.

Detailed view of a KSG printed circuit board

Layer structure as influencing factor

Graphic showing insufficient indirect heat spread
Thermal image showing too low indirect heat spread
Graphic showing too high indirect heat spread
Thermal image showing too high indirect heat spread

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