Investment in quality, sustainability and safety

Jul 27 2023

The OSP line from TSK Schill enables the printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturer to implement a higher production volume and also features optimised processing operations, improved occupational safety and health, and a high degree of user-friendliness.As an alternative to metallic surface finishes, OSP (organic solderability preservative/organic surface protection) is a favourable and RoHS-compliant variant that produces a flat soldering surface and can be renewed several times without damaging the PCB. The nickel-free coating is also suitable for high-frequency applications and can be combined with electroplated nickel/gold (NiAu) if necessary. The KSG Group can now take full advantage of these and further benefits to obtain not only a higher capacity, but also high-quality results with a uniform layer thickness and a very homogeneous surface: the new OSP line is characterised by improved rinsing and drying technology as well as a constant etching rate of the pretreatment through a feed-and-bleed dosing of the pickle.

Occupational safety and health have also been increased as part of the new acquisition: since the plant has automatic dosing of the chemistry as well as automatic pH monitoring and adjustment by the controller, the plant operator does not need to perform as much manual handling of the chemicals. Intuitive and clearly structured system software as well as a touch PC simplify the operation of the new OSP line, which was reliably installed within the desired project framework by TSK Schill GmbH.