LED applications

Overview of the KSG LED applications

With HSMtec LED PCBs you can brush the limitations of standard PCB technologies for LED applications. 
The partial integration of solid copper components in classic FR4 PCBs enables maximum performance capacity and reliability – compared with PCB technologies such as metal core boards. And does so at the same time as offering maximum electrical and optical flexibility.

HSMtec PCB technology allows high-brightness LEDs, intelligent sensor-based lighting controls and driver electronics to be combined on a single multilayer board. The copper elements selectively integrated into FR4 PCBs guarantee the highest level of thermal performance for the LEDs, irrespective of the total number of layers required for the control electronics.

What is more, HSMtec enables the creation of self-supporting 3D PCB structures in order to obtain efficient and visually effective designs and creative products. If simple single-layer layout structures are sufficient – but instead very high thermal performance required – the copper IMS PCB is the ideal technical solution.

Your benefits

  • More than 3 times the thermal conductivity of aluminium IMS PCBs
  • > 3.5 times the service life of aluminium IMS
  • Optional insulation resistance > 4 kV
  • LEDs and control electronics on one board
  • Creative lighting and product design
  • No need for cables or connectors
  • Reduction in system costs

PCB technologies for applications

Copper IMS

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Intelligent FR4 PCBs for high-power LEDs

3D PCBs for optimum light direction

Creative lighting and product design

Close-up of a printed circuit board for LED applications

High-performance FR4

Hidden behind this description is direct and efficient heat management using HSMtec® PCB technology. Only in places where heat is generated by LEDs are solid copper elements integrated in standard FR4 PCBs. Direct metallic connection of the LED solder pads with the copper elements underneath is achieved by via technology. That enables direct and highly efficient heat dissipation through solid copper without insulating intermediate layers such as on conventional metal core PCBs.

  • More than 3 times the thermal conductivity of aluminium IMS PCBs
  • > 3.5 times the service life of aluminium PCBs
  • Optional insulation resistance > 4 kV

LED arrays

HSMtec® PCB technology provides the optimum basis for the most demanding requirements and highest power densities. 
The direct connection of all LEDs to solid, integrated copper on FR4 boards manages the heat highly efficiently, especially with hot spots, and dissipates it extremely quickly. Even with multi-colour arrays with even distribution of the LEDs, HSMtec® enables multi-layer structures without thermal performance losses.. 

  • Power levels of up to 200 W per array
  • Multilayer circuit layouts

2-in-1 multilayer boards

What about lighting controllers and LEDs on a single circuit board? High-brightness LEDs, intelligent sensor-based lighting controllers and driver electronics can be implemented on a multi-layer board using HSMtec® PCB technology. The copper elements partially integrated in FR4 PCBs guarantee maximum thermal performance for the LEDs – regardless of the number of layers required for the control electronics.

  • LEDs and control electronics on one board
  • Multilayer boards with the highest levels of thermal performance

Multi-dimensional PCBs are the key if you want to invest in flexible and efficient light and product design. HSMtec® PCB technology opens up unimagined possibilities thanks to the design scope and photometric versatility it offers. Self-supporting PCB segments allow the various LEDs to be individually orientated so that the design of lighting characteristics aimed at can be achieved with inexpensive standard optics. And the really good thing about it? The variably alignable board segments are very stable. Once the inclination angle has been set, it doesn't change even under strong vibration. 

  • Creative lighting and product design
  • No need for cables or connectors
  • Reduction in system costs 

Take advantage of the very special PCB services offered by KSG:

  • Creation of an individual concept based on your requirements
  • Support with the design, dimensioning, concept selection and layout of your LED assembly
  • We can take care of development, series production, assembly and installation in conjunction with our network partners
  • Thermal measurements and analyses

Marine and boat lighting

Structure 4-layer multilayer, 35µm copper
Material FR4 TG130°C
PCB thickness 1,6 mm
Circuit board technology 1.3mm thick copper profile for heat dissipation
Special features Partial heat dissipation in the area of the LEDs combined with control electronics on the board
Project by https://luminell.com/

Portable warning light inc. remote control


4-layer multilayer,

outside 70µm copper,

inside 35µm

Material FR4 TG150°C Panasonic R-1566W
PCB thickness 1,4 mm
Circuit board technology 2mm wide copper profiles under top side
Special features 2mm copper profiles under top side for the electrical connections via the bending edges.

When designing and producing an LED PCB there is a large number of parameters to consider. That is why we advise you to talk to us at a very early stage of development. Through our online advice service or on-site workshops we can discuss the technical aspects and special considerations that such PCB types involve right from the start. We are also happy to help you with technical optimisation features or cost reduction measures.


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