Input systems

Overview of the KSG input system

It all depends on the right input. Here at KSG we have just the right input system for your application. Whether membrane and silicone keyboards or capacitive and resistive systems - our experienced engineers will be more than happy to support you in your project.

We manufacture input systems for customers in many sectors including measurement and control technology, medical electronics, automotive, telecommunications and printing. Our manufacturing expertise enables us to be your ideal partner for complete solutions for input systems and PCBs.

Your advantages

  • In addition to component production, we can also supply control units
  • Production of touch screens, membrane and silicone keyboards and membrane keyboards on PCBs
  • PCBs and control units from a single source
  • Various housing variations possible
  • Silicone keypads

From traditional membrane keyboards to high-quality glass control units (touch solutions)

Operating units are also available in addition to the assembly production

Various housing variations possible

PCBs and control units from a single source

Detailed view of a KSG input system

For the individual illumination of buttons and surfaces of the input systems we offer the following possibilities allowing your products to glow:

  • LED spot lighting
  • LED area lighting

Colour gradients can be implemented using digital printing technology. Smaller quantities of decor variants can also be produced quickly and cost-effectively. Prototypes can actually be delivered to you within a few days. 

An alphanumeric individualisation of films is just as possible as the printing of colour transparent windows.

Design of plug connections

  • Crimped sockets with housing
  • Crimped pins without housing
  • Solder contacts
  • Contact surfaces for direct plugging of zero insertion force (ZIF) connectors grid 1.00, 1.25, 1.27 and 2.54 mm possible, stiffening of the cable ends to the dimension required by the mating connector (generally 0.30 mm).

The conductors of the output cable are electrically insulated with insulation coating. On request a reinforcement can be applied with a bonded film.

Detail view of a plug connection

Contact partner

If you have any questions about the topic, we are happy to be your contact person.

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