Iceberg® PCBs

Iceberg® PCBs are characterised by stacks with mixed copper thicknesses of 105 to 400 µm in outer layers - in the case of uniform surface topography. High currents and fine conductors can be combined in a multilayer with optional inner layers.

Graphic of an Iceberg® PCB stack

Your advantages

  • From prototype to large-scale production from a single source
  • Samples are also possible in series quality
  • Power and control electronics on a single board
  • Optimised parts and logistics management
  • Production and processing with common copper-based materials using standard processes
  • Cost optimisation of the final product
  • Use of standard materials and technologies
  • High currents and heat dissipation in the circuit board

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Increasingly powerful components require an increasing amount of current and emit increasing amounts of lost heat. To ensure the reliability of the circuit in the long term, the circuit board must also satisfy these requirements.

Thick copper/Iceberg® PCBs are characterised by stacks with mixed copper thicknesses of 105 to 400 µm in outer layers - in the case of uniform surface topography. As a result, high currents and fine conductors can be efficiently combined in a multilayer with additional optional inner layers.

These circuit boards are used for large (high) current outputs as well as for cooling for good thermal management. Due to the fact that copper promotes heat spread. The design is usually as a multilayer.

Thick copper and expertise are required here for thermal management as well as current carrying capacity. At KSG you will find both to suit your project.

Number of layers2-8
PCB thickness1.5 mm - 3.2 mm
Final copper outer layers105 and 400 µm
Final copper inner layer18, 35, 70, 105, 210 µm
PCB layoutDepending on final copper according to design compass
Minimum drilling diameterMin. ⅔ of the total copper thickness
Aspect ratio≤ 1:6
  • See general technical specifications
  • No HAL

The values specified represent the maximum performance spectrum and may be restricted in certain combinations.

  • Chemical nickel/gold
  • Chemical tin
  • Electroplated nickel/gold
  • OSP
  • others on request

Solder resist masks 

  • Photosensitive coating systems, thermal final curing
  • Colours: green, red, blue, glossy black, matt black, white, yellow
  • Non-photosensitive coating systems, purely thermosetting: white, black

Additional printing 

  • Identification/assembly
  • Hole filler/through hole filler
  • Peelable solder mask 
  • Heatsink
  • Carbon

Edge plating 

The end faces of the PCB contour can be plated in order to improve the EMC protection of a PCB, make electrical contact with the housing of the module or meet increased cleanliness requirements. 

Edge plating

Milled plated through holes 

It is possible to produce application-specific components with so-called milled plated through holes. Due to the possibility of contact on the front side, the resulting PCBs can be soldered as components to another board (interposer).

Milled plated through holes.

Contour machining

Contour production: milling and scoring

  • Use filled thermostable base materials with low Z-axis expansion 
  • Calculate resin filling level (material-dependent pre-calculation using 
  • layer stack-up program at KSG) 
  • Use sufficient resin-rich prepregs 
  • Avoid "stacked" copper surfaces and copper-free areas 
  • (View through all inner layers) 
  • Evenly distribute copper surfaces and copper-free areas 
  • Fill large copper-free areas with copper 
  • Generate sufficiently large residual rings

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Power and control electronics on a single board

Increased system reliability

Cost optimisation of the final product

Standard materials using standard processes

Production and processing with copper-laminated standard materials using standard processes

Iceberg® printed circuit boards