High current management

Overview of the KSG high current management

Nowadays, high currents of up to several hundred amperes are nothing unusual. Nevertheless, in order to ensure that optimum functionality of the power electronics is obtained, a large amount of copper in the right places on the PCB is required. At the same, fine conductor structures need to be placed on a PCB for control tasks. With our wide choice of technologies for thick copper PCBs, we can offer a reliable basis for power electronics requirements – to suit your particular project. Our extensive product portfolio covers high-current-only PCBs as well as combined power and control electronics boards. Additional functions such as 3D designs increase functionalities and application possibilities.

Your advantages

  • Control and power electronics on the same board
  • Targeted partial increase in cross-section for high-current paths
  • Minimisation of space requirements for high-current conductors 
  • High current in combination with 3D installation geometries
  • Reduction of overall costs (logistics, procurement, assembly, quality assurance)
  • Design support and calculation of current paths

PCB technologies for high current

Microsection of a thick copper PCB
Thick copper
Microsection of an HSMtec© PCB

Broad portfolio of technologies for high current on the PCB

Matching technology for the high-current application concerned

Correctly managed high current for guaranteed application success

Photo of a high-current PCB

We offer the following services for high current management:

  • Advice on the right choice of PCB technology 
  • Layout design assistance for heat management with high currents 
  • Basics and mechanisms of heat transfer for various materials 
  • Influencing factors (e.g. layer stack-up, layout, vias, etc.) 
  • Thermal/current density simulation, thermographs and measurements

Power distribution/fuses for tracked vehicle

Structure Thick copper, 8 copper layers
Material FR4 – Isola DE104 (TG≈135 °C)
PCB thickness 2,8 mm
Circuit board technology Iceberg®, through-connection, line/space: 250/230 µm
Surface Chemical tin
Special features Combined outer layer layout with 50µm and 400µm copper thickness, via filling type III-a

Electric vehicles

Structure 4-layer multilayer, 70µm copper thickness
Material FR4 TG150°C Panasonic R-1566W
PCB thickness 1.6 mm
Circuit board technology HSMtec®, 8 and 12mm wide internal copper profile
Surface Chemical Ni/Au
Special features Copper profiles for 220A current flow and for heat dissipation to heat sink on back of board

Motor controller for fan cooling

Structure 4-layer multilayer, 70µm copper thickness
Material FR4 TG150°C Panasonic R-1566W
PCB thickness 1.7 mm
Circuit board technology 12mm, 8mm and 2mm wide copper profiles on an inner layer and an outer layer for 60 and 15 amperes
Special features Eight half-bridges have to be connected to the connectors by 4x15A = 60A conductors. Heat dissipation from the half-bridges has to be carried via a bending edge to a PCB tab that is glued to an aluminium heat sink in the casing.

When designing and producing a high-current PCB there is an enormous number of parameters to take into account. That is why we advise you to talk to us at a very early stage of development. Through our online advice service or on-site workshops we can discuss the technical aspects and special considerations that such PCB types involve right from the start. We are also happy to help you with technical optimisation features or cost-reduction measures.

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