Double-sided PCBs

Overview of double-sided technology

Why choose complex PCB technologies when double-sided PCBs are both simpler and less expensive? The use of cost-effective PCB technologies based on standard FR4 base material or as IMS with copper carrier is still sufficient for many applications, such as in industrial electronics or in the automotive sector. The PCBs produced in this way map your layout on two plated-through copper layers.

Your advantages

  • Cost effective PCB-technology
  • Minor degree of complexity
  • Everything from a single source - from circuit board samples to series production
  • Printed circuit board samples available in series quality
  • Simplest and fastest technology solutions
  • The finest printed circuit board layouts are possible
Double-sided PCB graphic

Double-sided PCBs:

a favourite in the PCB world

Two layers and ultra-fine conductor structures is not a contradiction

Sophisticated but fast

Detailaufnahme einer Embedded-Leiterplatte

Materials FR4, PTFE 
Leiterplattendicke 0,5 mm - 3,20 mm 
Final copper 18 - 210 µm
PCB layout ≥ 70/80 µm
Minimum drilling diameter 0.2 mm
Aspect ratio  ≤ 1:10

The values specified represent the maximum performance spectrum and may be restricted in certain combinations.

Solder resist masks 

  • Photosensitive solder mask systems
  • UV solder mask system: Screen printing
  • Colours: green, red, blue, glossy black, matt black, white, yellow


  • Chemical nickel/gold
  • Chemical tin
  • Electroplated nickel/gold
  • HAL or HAL lead-free
  • OSP
  • others on request

Additional printing 

  • Identification/assembly
  • Hole filler/through hole filler
  • Peelable solder mask 
  • Heatsink
  • Carbon

Edge plating 

The end faces of the PCB contour can be plated in order to improve the EMC protection of a PCB, make electrical contact with the housing of the module or meet increased cleanliness requirements. 

Edge metallisation

Milled plated through holes 

It is possible to produce application-specific components with so-called milled plated through holes. Due to the possibility of contact on the front side, the resulting PCBs can be soldered as components to another board (interposer).

milled plated-through holes.

Contour machining

Contour production: milling and scoring

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