Silicone keyboard

Silicone keyboards are still of great importance in industrial automation, medical technology and particularly in the consumer goods industry. They provide a cost-effective alternative to conventional membrane keyboards and offer clear advantages over mechanical keyboards.

Silicone keyboards are characterised by high breaking strength and a long service life. Switching pulses can be carried out directly on a corresponding PCB using a variety of contacting options.

The comparatively low initial costs for tools enable cost-effective, individually customised design variants - coupled with high product quality. In addition, an individually designed switching diaphragm allows the optimum haptic to be achieved for every application. The design possibilities are many and varied and can be combined with the techniques familiar from the manufacture of membrane keyboards - such as snap domes under switching mats or printed circuit boards.

Silicone keyboards: Your advantages

  • Cost-effective alternative to traditional membrane keyboards
  • Also in combination with the corresponding PCB
  • Liquid-proof design
  • Contacts can be carbon-printed, carbon pill contacts, or small gold-plated metal plates

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