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Knowledge is best shared through online-seminars. Therefor we appear on your screen and introduce new trends in PCB technology. Within 45 minutes, you will expand your knowledge of PCB applications, the use of design rules and much more. At the same time, you can use the chat function to contact our experts in real time and ask your questions.

10.12.2020, 10:30

Cost-efficient circuit board procurement - part 2

Learn tips and tricks for reducing costs in circuit board procurement

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28.01.2021, 10:30

3D printed circuit boards Part 2 - Construct, design and optimally use multidimensional PCBs

Building on the first part of the webinar series, we will go into the structural advantages of the different 3D technologies and give specific tips and tricks for the construction and design of your multi-dimensional circuit board.

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Recently held online-seminars


In our webinars we highlight different technology variants for multidimensional printed circuit boards: Rigid-Flex, Semiflex, HSMtec-3D. Knowledge of the possibilities and properties of the processes helps to select the optimal solution for the respective assembly.

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There is great potential for savings in many electronic assemblies. In the case of the printed circuit board, small details often determine the manufacturing costs of the subsequent series product during the design phase. In this online seminar, you will learn how to reduce the costs of procuring printed circuit boards if some key points for production are already taken into account during development.

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In this online-seminar, you will learn about the trends that are driving the printed circuit board industry.

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In this online-seminar, you get to know the most important parameters of FR4 base materials and find out details about the production and properties of base materials



In this online-seminar, you'll learn which parameters are important when selecting the base material and how to select the right base material for your application



Ever smaller, ever more powerful: this trend affects passive components and circuit boards. Embedding - the placing of components on the inner layers of circuit boards - can drastically reduce the dimensioning of assemblies. In the KSG webinar, you will learn which technologies are used for the integration of functionalities in circuit boards and what to look out for when laying out such circuits.

KSG Leiterplatten Embedding


Ever smaller, faster and more powerful devices also demand new PCB technologies and solutions. From material selection by way of layer stack-up through to HF-optimised design – a high-frequency PCB presents developers with new challenges. In our online-seminar you will learn how to successfully solve these challenges and find out how we, as a PCB manufacturer, can support you.


Modern power electronics, such as high-power LEDs, MOSFETs and IGBTs, demand innovative PCB technologies! Sophisticated high-current and thermal management on the PCB are essential! In this new online-seminar you will learn which technologies are available and how you can implement them directly into the PCB.


No more expensive corrections and unnecessary prototyping! In our new online-seminar you will find out how to optimally manufacture PCB layouts, reduce processing costs and workload, while also decreasing the probability of errors.

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