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KSG Co-Engineering & Support Team

Layout services

For the manufacture of our circuit boards, we select high quality materials, use advanced technologies and work to European standards. Upon request, we can support the development process with co-engineering and expert advice.When we tackle something together, it will be a success. Let’s shake on it.

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Design-rules for PCBs

What are the main parameters that you need in order to successfully lay out a project? We've bundled all of these parameters together for you in our PCB Design Compass. It allows you to quickly find your feet when ordering PCBs.

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Research and development at KSG

As far as printed circuit boards are concerned: An impossible solution is only impossible until someone achieves it first, or until our research and development team has worked on it. When there's a project coming up where you wonder: "Who in the world is going to put this into practice?" then our answer would be: »KSG«.

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Quality policy and certification


  • Automotive requirements for a QM system
  • Quality management certificate
  • Certificate for environmental management
  • Certificate for systematic energy management
  • Certificate for exports to North America and Canada

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Express production in series quality

Even if you order only one printed circuit board from KSG, the process is the same as if it were thousands. Even small batches and blank samples are produced on the series production systems. So you can be sure from day one that your project is suitable for series production.

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Concrete figures with the KSG high current calculator

Use our high-current conductor track calculator to dimension your high-current PCB.

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