For the small and large steps of mankind.

Astronaut motif in printed circuit board optics represents the very best technology available today.

Research and development at KSG

As far as printed circuit boards are concerned: An impossible solution is only impossible until someone achieves it first, or until our research and development team has worked on it. When there's a project coming up where you wonder: "Who in the world is going to put this into practice?" then our answer would be: »KSG«.

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You can imagine it?
Then we can develop it.

Co-Engineering & PCB-Services

For the manufacture of our circuit boards, we select high quality materials, use advanced technologies and
work to European standards. Upon request, we can support the development process with co-engineering
and expert advice.When we tackle something together, it will be a success. Let’s shake on it.

Advantage through knowledge

Would you like to expand your knowledge of PCBs?
Within 45 minutes, our experts will give you concrete information on important issues in PCB technology.