Virtual factory tour via live video transmission

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Apr 01 2021

COVID-19 hygiene and protection measures, as well as restricted travel conditions, meant that in 2020 we were hardly able to provide our customers with live insights into our state-of-the-art production.

Consequently, we looked for a method to give our customers a virtual insight into our manufacturing. For this purpose, we use live video transmission.

At the beginning of December 2020, the time had finally come and the first customer, the company EPSa-Elektronik & Präzisionsbau Saalfeld GmbH, was given a virtual tour of our production.

The customer sees the camera image from the cell phone, which is attached to the stabilizer "gimbal", via a video meeting. A specially created  guide for the orientation on the site and in the buildings completes this presentation for our customers.

"With the virtual on-site visit, our specific questions at the corresponding process step could be explained immediately," says Christian Gegner -

Head of Procurement & Supply Chain Management at EPSa. "The image and sound quality were very good. We can only recommend to everyone - take advantage of the innovation and you will quickly get an insight into the production of the PCB manufacturer KSG."

The goal is for us to be audited even under the current conditions and for new customers to qualify. As KSG, we face the more difficult framework conditions every day and continue to develop for our customers.

This innovation will of course continue to be used after the pandemic. We look forward to meeting you - test us!