Location development bears fruit

men on the technology machine
Jul 15 2019

With the purchase of the PCB production plant in Gars am Kamp, KSG GmbH already put the ideal prerequisites in place for further growth in 2017. In addition, the development of the Gars location was started in 2018, with the aim of doubling the capacity there in the long term. As a result of investments totalling 8.7 million euros, the production capacity at Gars could be increased significantly, multiplying opportunities for our customers.

In 2019, Gornsdorf will be expanded with the following investments:

  • 2 LDI systems (investment volume of 2.3 million euros) 
  • 1 laser drilling machine (investment volume of 0.7 million euros)
  • Measuring and testing technology (investment volume of 0.6 million euros)
  • Expansion of multilayer press capacity with investments of over 0.9 million euros
  • Expansion of infrastructure through the completion of a central warehouse with an investment volume of 6.5 million euros
  • Final hardening line Stopplack II with a value of 1 million euros

At the same time, at Gars...

  • Investment of around 2 million euros in drilling and milling machines
  • Investment of around 3 million euros in infrastructure improvement and development
  • Investment of around 3 million euros in the chemicals/electroplating area

Thanks to our high-performance sample and express service, you'll be able to get your hands on your PCBs even more quickly.

Your specific benefits:

  • Delivery times from 5 working days (express service; example of multilayer with 8-10 layers, possible from 6 working days) 
  • Thanks to bundled competences, we can offer you an even larger technology portfolio.