KSG starts the 2020/21 training year

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Sep 23 2020

This year we were able to inspire young people for the following apprenticeships: industrial mechanic, mechatronics technician, surface coater, microtechnologist, chemical laboratory technician, specialist in wastewater technology, media technologist screen printing and process technician. The vocational training lasts three or three and a half years. When it comes to training the next generation, KSG focuses on quality and works closely with training workshops.

At KSG, the way is free to become part of something even bigger - after completing their training, our trainees and students start a specialist career in the company. In 2020, all trainees have been given employment contracts so far. Training young people in various technical professions is not only an important investment in the future, but also an expression of social and corporate responsibility. Both companies are deeply rooted in the region and important employers in their regions in Gornsdorf in Saxony and in Gars am Kamp in Lower Austria.