Consolidation of UL-Files

Oct 14 2019

We would like to notify our customers about the consolidation of the UL files of KSG GmbH (E143060) and KSG Austria GmbH (E72795) into UL file E143060.

File E72795 has been transfered into file E143060. File E72795 is no longer available in the UL data base.

The content of the current UL certifications remains unchanged. Specifications of UL marking of the pcb such as trademarks and type already in existence remain valid. They are specified in the new file E143060 as well.

The new trademark of KSG GmbH will still be KSG, if there isn’t enough space the marking K will be applied.

The new trademark for site KSG Austria GmbH will be KSG and accordingly K.

The new trademarks will be in use starting 1st October 2019.

The current UL certificate is available here:

UL Certificate 

UL Certificate Canada


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