The PCB future firmly in sight

May 24 2023

Increasing miniaturisation, smaller batch sizes, more power per unit area - the challenges for the European PCB market are manifold. The promising solutions offered by digitalisation were demonstrated at the end of April at the start of the KSG Group's "XPERTS on tour" series of events: the all-day event in Linz, Austria, provided numerous company representatives with valuable impulses on PCB topics of the future, above all the digital transformation in PCB development.

Knowledge transfer and the exchange of experiences took place both in the context of expert presentations and in the form of one-to-one discussions at various info points that the KSG Group had set up in the Ars Electronica Center. "It was clearly noticeable that the participants were very interested in exchanging ideas in person once again in addition to the popular digital formats," reports Head of Sales David Müller. "We are particularly pleased that the Infopoints were very well attended and that a constant exchange of know-how took place here."

The presentations of the "XPERTS on tour" also offered a great variety of topics: First, Matthijs von Witte, Commercial Director of CELUS GmbH, and Matthias Stickel, Head of Process Engineering at KSG Group, illustrated how digital processes facilitate and optimise electronics development. Sebastian Seifert, Head of Area Sales Management at KSG Group, then gave tips for cost optimisation in PCB development, while Thomas Doberitzsch from KSG Group's Technical Support addressed the new challenges and future strategies for highly integrated components. In addition, the participants gained exciting insights into the everyday work of IT forensic expert Thomas Haase. In a humorous way, he showed where the dangers lurk in the area of IT security and what to pay particular attention to.

In the course of the event, the KSG Group also presented hot news from its own development department: The Digital Design Compass, which will be available from the beginning of June, was presented to the public for the first time. This is a smart platform with KSG-specific and generally valid design recommendations that support fast and safe PCB development.

The KSG Group intends to build on the success of the inaugural event of "XPERTS on tour" at the upcoming events on 15 June in Dortmund and on 28 September in Jena, for which a few places are still available. Registrations can be made via