KSG provides housing for Ukrainian refugees

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May 24 2022

KSG, based in Gornsdorf, is helping people from Ukraine fleeing the war with accommodation and donations in kind. With the support of companies from the region, the Saxon circuit board manufacturer fitted out seven rental apartments that were ready to move into in less than a month. 

„Our thoughts are with the refugee families who had to get to safety from the war. The war situation concerns us deeply, so we, as KSG, wanted to help and provide accommodation. I was particularly pleased with the great commitment of our employees and the companies in the region.“

Margret Gleiniger, CEO KSG GmbH

Together we make a difference
Thanks to the organization and the cooperation of employees of KSG and the municipality of Gornsdorf, the emergency shelters could be set up quickly. In addition, the KSG employees and helpers from the surrounding towns also got involved privately - be it by collecting goods or donating money. Companies from the Erzgebirge district-sponsored donations such as pieces of furniture, kitchen and hygiene utensils, mattresses, lamps, bed linen, and blinds. The sponsors involved included Gerlach Haus construction companies in Zwönitz, Curt Bauer GmbH & Co. KG in Aue, LWL Sachsenkabel GmbH and VS Sun Protection GmbH & Co. KG in Gornsdorf, Thomas Philipps GmbH & Co. KG in Wüstenbrand and Neveon - Eurofoam Deutschland GmbH foams in Burkhardtsdorf. The mini-kitchens were set up with the help of Haberland Heiz-Sanitär GmbH from Gornsdorf.

Arrival of the Ukrainian war refugees
At the end of April, the first refugee families arrived. Currently, all seven apartments are occupied. For KSG, the accommodation and the associated safety of the refugees remains a top priority.