Qualification incl. UL listing Panasonic Megtron 6 successfully completed

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Jun 01 2021

After successfully passing the UL test of the sample sets, KSG has received the UL listing for the production of unpopulated PCBs with the high-frequency material Megtron 6.
From now on, we are entitled to apply the designation "M6" for multilayer boards with Megtron 6 material (and analogously "S6" for double-sided boards).

As one of the first PCB manufacturers in Europe, we have qualified the new Multiple Solder Limits required by UL in this project. In contrast to the previously common thermostatic stress test according to TM 650 2.6.8, the samples were subjected to a reflow simulation according to TM 650 2.6.27A (6 reflow cycles with maximum temperature 260°C).
KSG was an active member of the FED/ZVEI Roundtable that developed the Multiple Solder Limits proposal. The proposal has not yet been fully adopted in the new UL Standard UL796 and UL94, this is expected to happen in December 2021 according to UL's announcement.

Information on the material:
Megtron 6 is a material from the manufacturer Panasonic, which is characterised by a low electricity constant and very low loss factor. In addition, it is very temperature-resistant.
The material has been used worldwide for high-frequency applications with high signal transmission rates for years. The material is mainly used in information and communication infrastructure equipment, such as that needed for 5G. Such applications can be, for example, high-end servers, routers, switches or wireless base stations.