50,000 new employees for our region

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May 18 2021

For years, there has been certain knowledge that the population of bees and other pollinators is declining dramatically worldwide. This affects both wild and beekeeper-kept species, especially in Europe and North America. In Germany alone, the number of bee colonies has shrunk by 20 percent since 1990.
Under the motto "Regional - Sustainable - Committed", KSG GmbH in Gornsdorf is now making its contribution against species extinction with its own bee colony. 
On Thursday, 06.05.2021, KSG welcomes its new "company employees" at their new home in Gornsdorf, Auerbacher Str. 3-5.

After the first exploratory flights in their new home, the hard-working helpers will pollinate several million flowers a day within a radius of three kilometres. Bees thus play a crucial role in our ecosystems. One third of our food depends on bee pollination.
As a reward for their sustainable commitment, the company will receive their own regional, natural bee honey from June.