Significant achievements are accomplished by significant people.

Our employees are our most important corporate asset.

We sell gold-plated PCBs. And we raise up the treasure trove of experience, craft knowledge, ideas, and passion that our employees bring with them. We do everything we can to enhance these traits: Because reliable skilled employees are a precious commodity. We're more than aware of that! With different working time models, family-friendly rules, opportunities for further training, and lots of added extras, we bring out the best in our employees.

Image of a young employee at a printed circuit board production machine

Two locations in Europe

You don't necessarily need to travel far to work for Europe and for the world. You'll find us just round the corner – in Gornsdorf in the Ore Mountains and in Gars am Kamp.


Location Gornsdorf

33,000 m2 offer sufficient space for maximum flexibility and transparency, technological performance, around 750 highly qualified employees and your revolutionary ideas.

Get on board soon and let's develop the future together! Customised printed circuit boards are created in virtually every required technology at the Gornsdorf/Erzgebirge manufacturing location and exactly to our customers' specifications.

Location Gars

23 million printed circuit boards per annum. 220 top employees. More than 100 years' continued success. And one goal: to keep getting better and better. That works best with your ideas.

Now scale the career heights in Kamptal! At our Austrian manufacturing location, you can get customers to the top by providing individually manufactured printed circuit boards in almost every conceivable technology and meeting the many different requirements of our customers.

In Europe,
for Europe.

Graphic of a site map in printed circuit board visual

Location Gornsdorf

KSG Location in Gornsdorf

Working in Gornsdorf

Location Gars

Image of the Gars am Kamp production site

Working in Gars

Initiative and personal responsibility


We appreciate people
who drive us forward
with good ideas and
discover new opportunities.

Opportunities for young people


Whether it’s Gornsdorf or Gars:
each young professional
at KSG immediately becomes
part of the future.

Culture & values


At KSG, everyone helps
everyone else – responding
quickly, honestly,
and clearly.

Development & opportunities


We believe in
the further development
of every single employee.
And we think it should be fun!

What is a PCB?

A PCB or printed circuit board is a carrier of electronic components. Today, practically no electronic device gets by without a PCB. For further interesting information, click the plus symbol.

PCBs in detail

The base material of a PCB is a fibreglass mat impregnated with resin with a copper layer applied to each of its outer sides. The tracks are made in an etching process. The copper that is not required is etched out of the base material. At KSG, tracks of up to 0.075 mm (= the thickness of a human hair) are created in this way. A KSG PCB has up to 30 layers. Holes and vias connect the tracks in the different layers.

Function of a PCB

A PCB has two fundamental functions: It acts as a carrier material, so the mechanical entity for the fixation of components. It also has a connective function. Its regulated electronic currents ensure communication between components.

PCB usage areas

All modern electrical and electronic devices contain a PCB. KSG PCBs can be found in the vehicle interval radars of modern cars, flat screen TVs, hearing aids, computer tomographs, LED lighting, wind turbines, and production robots. As modern people, we "use" a PCB far more than 100 times each day.

Detailed view of a KSG printed circuit board