Two locations. One strong brand.

We have brought together the best of both worlds in one brand. The union of KSG and Häusermann represents the coming together of two PCB manufacturers who deliver top- level performance in terms of innovation and smart PCB technologies. Together we are the future.

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The two Managing Directors of the printed circuit board manufacturer KSG

140 years of PCB expertise

Double the experience, multiplied knowledge and endless possibilities – wherever you see the KSG brand, you will find the best possible solutions and PCB technologies from two companies.

Illustration of a printed circuit board
PCB technologies

Sorted. We have the right solution for every PCB application. We can produce all technologies from the very first sample - with series quality.

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PCB developers and technology consultants work together with customers
Co-engineering & Services 

Markets move quickly. Together we are quicker and always one step ahead of the competition. When expert technology consultants and inventive developers meet imaginative clients – together we are smarter, stronger and more creative.

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Circuit board with ceramic coating
Uses & applications

Heavy duty. It is when the challenges get bigger that the job really becomes fun for us. Whether it be heat, cold, high frequency, high currents or limited space – for applications with special requirements, we really take it up a notch.

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Location Gornsdorf

The production facility in Gornsdorf combines a high level of technological performance with maximum flexibility and transparency. In a state-of-the-art production area covering over 33,000 m2, around 750 highly qualified employees produce customer-specific PCBs in a multitude of complex operations using virtually any desired technology. Our focus here is on our customers’ requirements. Thanks to the constant optimisation of our capacities and a future-oriented investment concept, we can ensure continuity of supply for our customers.

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Location Gars

With innovative production technologies and experienced employees, Gars am Kamp produces more than 75,000 m2 of PCBs every year. Each individual PCB is manufactured individually – completely in accordance with the customer’s specifications. A large number of operations are required before the finished PCBs can be tested and leave the premises. With the development of the location, we are augmenting and optimising our capacities decisively in order to safeguard our customer coverage.

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A rigid-flex printed circuit board as a guitar - KSG rocks the manufacture of printed circuit boards

PCBs are our passion. That’s why we step up every day and manufacture around 350,000 m2 of PCBs each year. This corresponds to an area of over 60 football fields.

­­»In the right hands, an idea can change the world. We create an environment in which innovation can thrive. When it comes to practicality, time frames, and budget, one thing is always true: We deliver what we promise. And if it can't be done, we won't promise it. Scout's honour.«

Harald Steininger

Head of Sales

Head of Sales at the printed circuit board manufacturer KSG

­­»It’s also a question of organisation, so that things that are technically conceivable can quickly be made possible. The new Order Processing Centre is our answer. It is the interface between the two locations and with Sales, where we can successfully use synergies for the benefit of our customers.«

Andrea Mehner

Head of the Order Processing Centre

Head of the Order Processing Centre at the printed circuit board manufacturer KSG

You can imagine it? Then we can develop it.

Printed circuit board experts share their knowledge via online seminars

Sharing knowledge with webinars

„pcb. smarter. together.” – this is our corporate philosophy, which we live by internally and which we demonstrate to the outside world. With our online seminars, we appear on your screen and introduce new trends in PCB technology. Within 45 minutes, you will expand your knowledge of PCB applications, the use of design rules and much more. At the same time, you can use the chat function to contact our experts in real time and ask your questions.

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KSG at electronica 2018 in Munich
Authentic conferences it can't be done downloaded

We are very pleased that so many of our customers didn’t miss the opportunity to experience the best of KSG und Häusermann united, to meet with the new KSG management team and to exchange ideas about future projects at electronica in November 2018. 

Thank you for visiting our fair stand and for your interest in our products.

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With the Einstein motif in printed circuit board optics, KSG is looking for qualified personnel and executives
For developers with ideas, we pay big rewards.
A career at KSG

At the heart of our company are employees with their own ideas. To reinforce our team, we are looking for people with flashes of genius, independent thinkers and shapers of the future.
Please bring: walking boots for the extra mile and an openness to new things. After all, you can't develop things that have never existed with methods that are already in place. We reward creative minds with attractive promotion opportunities, higher than usual salary levels and regular further training. Can we count on you?

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