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Co-engineering & PCB-Services

For the manufacture of our circuit boards, we select high quality materials, use advanced technologies and
work to European standards. Upon request, we can support the development process with co-engineering
and expert advice.When we tackle something together, it will be a success. Let’s shake on it!

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Our express service allows you to implement your ideas as quickly as possible. We can deliver in as little as four days!

Calculation of impedances

Calculation of impedances

One of our services that PCB developers particularly appreciate, as the market for impedance-controlled PCBs is growing rapidly. The calculation of impedances is a complex process that is performed with the help of a special software (Polar) that uses the latest calculation methods and is capable of modelling PCB structures. The software enables the precise simulation of changes to track parameters and thus the exact prediction of the impedance characteristic, taking production tolerances into account.

Express production in series quality

Express production in series quality

If you order one PCB from KSG, the process we follow is exactly the same as if you were ordering a thousand. Small batches and samples are always produced on series equipment. This means that, from the very first day, you can be certain that your project i s suitable for series production.

Calculation of layer stacks

Calculation of layer stacks

You specify the thermal and electrical properties. We use these specifications to determine the ideal technically achievable layer architecture with the most economical use of material. Our calculation tool bundles decades of experience in the production of the most diverse of applications and makes an active contribution to resource-friendly material usage.

Design and layout

Design and layout

Errors at the start of the product development cycle are themost expensive errors of all! Our engineers use the design rule check, in accordance with IPC standard design parameters, to verify whether your layout data is valid and producible. This allows us to identify potential errors before manufacturing begins and to ensure the prerequisites that mean your PCB will work optimally. This guarantees a board that can be processed without problems - from the very first piece.

Quality documentation

Quality documentation

In order to meet your quality standards, we check each of your PCBs during and after production using the latest measurement and analytical equipment. Whether your quality requirements are physical, functional, or aesthetic, nothing is too specific for us. We carry out precise checks - with a measurement report or comprehensive quality documentation, if required.

Calculation of current-carrying capacity

Calculation of current-carrying capacity

The dimensioning of conductor tracks is subject to a standard set of rules. If your needs are particularly precise, then our R&D department will provide support from a very early stage. Our current-carrying capacity calculations are software-supported and ensure that your special product actually works at the end of the process.

Calculation of thermical performance

Calculation of thermical performance

PCBs fulfil their mission without being noticed at the heart of a complex system. If the thermal behaviour is not optimal, additional costs arise for prototypes or series costs because more material is used than is actually necessary. We can carry out a simulation of thermal behaviour using self-heating and ambient conditions. This actively prevents unnecessary costs.

Long-term and ageing tests

Long-term and ageing tests

During daily usage, PCBs are exposed to the most diverse of internal and external influences. For many applications, it therefore makes sense to check the stability of the product properties. At our reliability lab, we use an accelerated ageing process to precisely simulate and then document the effects of these factors.

An expedition into the world of the impossible!

We're eager to find out what we can make possible for you. Our boots are always pulled on for the extra mile we need to walk to bring your ideas to life. Our aim is to launch your product or to perfect it. That's what drives us. And it fills us with passion. Our compass points towards this goal. Every day.

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Head of Research and Development at the printed circuit board manufacturer KSG

Your contact for Research & Development

Ralph Fiehler
Phone: +49 (0)3721 266-275

 „We find solutions where traditional technologies arent´t enough. With our cross-location Research and Development department, we are breaking new ground. After all, you can't develop things that have never existed with methods that are already in place.“

Sharing knowledge with webinars

Would you like to expand your knowledge of PCBs? Within 45 minutes, our experts will give you concrete information on important issues in PCB technology.
All webinars at a glance

Layout of a printed circuit board on the computer
Tips and tricks from the manufacturer for a production-optimised PCB layout

Thursday, 24 January 2019, 10:30 a.m. for registration

No more expensive corrections and unnecessary prototyping! In our new webinar you will find out how to optimally manufacture PCB layouts, reduce processing costs and workload, while also decreasing the probability of errors.

Optimal data design on PCB layout with regard to impedances
PCBs for high-frequency applications

Thursday, 28 February 2019, 10:30 a.m. for registration

Ever smaller, faster and more powerful devices also demand new PCB technologies and solutions. From material selection by way of layer stack-up through to HF-optimised design – a high-frequency PCB presents developers with new challenges. In our webinar you will learn how to successfully solve these challenges and find out how we, as a PCB manufacturer, can support you.

Innovative printed circuit board technology for high-current applications
PCBs for high-current applications

Thursday, 9 May 2019, 10:30 a.m. for registration

Modern power electronics, such as high-power LEDs, MOSFETs and IGBTs, demand innovative PCB technologies! Sophisticated high-current and thermal management on the PCB are essential! In this new webinar you will learn which technologies are available and how you can implement them directly into the PCB.

Symbol image for online seminar Procurement of PCBs
Cost-effective procurement of PCBs

from 15 March 2018 Request documents

In this webinar you will find out how to reduce PCB procurement costs by taking some simple production basics into account during development.

Symbol image for online seminar on printed circuit boards for drive technology
PCBs meet the challenges of drive technology

from 20 June 2018 Request documents

In this webinar we look at the main challenges in the design of a circuit board for drive technology and demonstrate concrete, sometimes unconventional solutions.

Symbol image for online seminar Multilayer manufacturing
Manufacture of a multilayer PCB

from 14 December 2017 request documents

In this webinar we demonstrate the most important steps in the manufacture of a simple multilayer and we show both the PCB product in the respective development phase and the corresponding processes.