At KSG, sustainability flows through all areas like a green thread. We always retain a 360° view whilst keeping an eye out for the details. This is the only way to recognise, experience, and improve value creation processes and sustainable corporate strategies. We focus on the following core topics:

KSG considers itself responsible for conducting its business activities with a socially and environmentally compatible approach.

We focus on the
following key topics:

The conservation of resources and reduced consumption of media (e.g. water) – with regard to manufactured products and energy efficiency – are really important for our sustainability strategy. We don't examine only internal processes here – we include the entire supply chain, from vendors to transport and our customers. For many years, recyclable resources (copper, silver, heat) have been harvested, used repeatedly, and utilised in a way that minimises CO2 emissions.

Download: Our environmental, energy and substainability policy 

We as KSG GmbH participate in the energy efficiency network REGINEE Chemnitz and thereby contribute to the climate and energy policy goals of the Federal Republic of Germany. 

Download: Certificate initiative energy efficiency Network

We are committed to constructive and respectful work and dialogue with all reference groups. This open feedback culture defines our actions now and in the future. As soon as we become aware of defects, infringements, or discrimination of any kind, we deal with the issues with appropriate seriousness and discretion. We're only happy once an incident has been closed.

A house of knowledge

We constantly expand our knowledge and place a high value on passing this knowledge onto our customers. Our strategy is always being one step ahead. With training plans, our own R&D resources, and expert knowledge, we ensure future-relevant know-how even in the long term.

We don't only focus on the PCBs here. Our strive for the advancement of knowledge also applies to innovation, LEAN culture, quality and environmental management, and energy efficiency. Our own KATA teams generate process knowledge and optimisations. In addition, knowledge and experiences are available transparently to all employees in our constantly updated Wiki, client, and other software solutions.

A responsible and attractive employer

The KSG corporate culture can be summed up quickly and concisely: Team spirit, passion, a focus on success, and respectful, considerate interaction. These values give rise to a pleasant atmosphere, open communication, and high employee satisfaction almost automatically. This can be felt by vendors, the authorities, local residents, and municipal facilities. Everyone benefits from this and appreciates the trustworthy conduct of KSG.

The fact that our statements are transparent, create trust, and follow a principle of sustainability also contributes to this. We're a member of the ZVEI and actively implement its code of conduct. Our own training programs, the promotion of talent and the next generation, and tailored qualifications allow our employees to enjoy sustainable personnel development.

Early vocational orientation (preferred in the MINT subjects) is encouraged by means of educational fairs, job days, and the Enterprise Open House Week. Childcare benefits, health programs, open employee days at the company, and company events (such as Christmas and summer parties) lead to a high identification with KSG.

Whether at Gornsdorf or Gars, KSG's employees are proud of our company's traditions and sustainable personnel culture. Naturally, occupational health and safety is also vital here. This includes avoiding work accidents and keeping risks low. The yardstick for safety is set really high. The correct attitude towards legislation and internal rules plays a major role here. Here, our managers have always set a good example.

To us, one thing is clear: As a local company, we take our responsibility to people and society seriously. For this reason, we particularly support regional projects and associations that pursue active youth work, such as WHZ Zwickau.

Sponsor of the WHZ Racing Team

The Formula Student of the WHZ RacingTeam, Zwickau, is a design competition that is unique throughout the world. Since 2016, meticulous teamwork results in the design and construction of a single-seater, technically challenging racing car that can compete with other teams from all over the world. However, it's not the fastest car that wins. The team in top place on the podium is the team deemed to have delivered the best overall package of design, racing performance, financial planning, and sales arguments.

For many, this is a unique opportunity to prove themselves practically and internationally whilst still studying. It's an attractive opportunity, too. More and more teams enjoy the energy-charged atmosphere of the event. The Formula Student competitions are now staged globally.

The WHZ Racing Team has been taking part for 13 years now. Initially, a combustion engine was used in the vehicle, but for the past 10 years, a racing car that runs on an electric battery has been designed.

KSG GmbH has been a loyal sponsor of the WHZ Racing Team since the 2014 season – sponsoring the in-house designed boards for the controllers and HV boards in the battery box. "Our special requirements were met: Fancy geometric shapes, special colours, rigid-flex boards, thick copper/Iceberg® PCBs for the stacks in the battery box, and the fast implementation of subsequent revisions proved to be no problem at all. We're grateful for many years of uncomplicated collaboration with a reliable partner who supports us with this student project, and we look forward to continuing to work together successfully in the future." That's the verdict of the Racing Team from the University of Zwickau.

KSG is an international company with a long tradition of making good upon its responsibility to ensure that its business activities are socially responsible and environmentally friendly.

As a member of the ZVEI (Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association), we have signed up to the ZVEI "Code of Conduct". This code is based on internationally established standards, and includes the following amongst other things:

  • Compliance with the law
  • Prohibition of corruption and bribery
  • Respect for the basic rights of employees
  • Prohibition of child labour
  • Health and safety of employees
  • Consideration of environmental protection and safety
  • Prohibition of discrimination of any kind
  • Wages in line with the legal minimum wage or the prevailing industry standards

Code of Conduct

REACH is a European Union regulation. It was issued in order to protect people and the environment from risks relating to chemicals. This includes improving this protection at the same time as increasing the competitiveness of the chemicals industry throughout Europe.

As the manufacturer of electronic products, KSG GmbH is the downstream user in the sense of REACH. Our PCBs correspond to the listed regulations or guidelines.

REACH stands for the "Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals".

It is in force as of June 1, 2007.

See here for detailed information about the REACH regulation:

Download: REACH

Download: ROHS

Download: PFAS

Regulation (EU) 2017/821 was published on May 19, 2017. It defines the due diligence obligations that EU importers must observe in the supply chain of certain minerals and metals from areas of conflict/high-risk areas. With this regulation, the EU aims to contribute to a responsible strategy for minerals from areas of conflict. This involves curbing armed conflict financed from the yields of mineral trade in conflict regions. This should be achieved simply by establishing responsible acquisition practices on the part of EU companies in the procurement of tin, tantalum, tungsten, and gold from such areas.

As a responsible company, we do not acquire any raw materials designated as conflict minerals. These materials are mined in Central Africa, primarily in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). For our detailed customer information about conflict materials and countries, see here.

Download: General statement on conflict minerals

In addition, we expect all KSG business partners to meet these obligations.