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KSG GmbH is a leading manufacturer of high-value PCBs in Europe. The corporate group includes the KSG plant in Gornsdorf, Germany, and the Austrian PCB plant at Gars am Kamp. The KSG Group develops and manufactures PCBs for the international market exclusively in Europe. KSG produces pioneering technologies from samples up to large series, and sees itself as a technological leader and pioneer for HF solutions and high-current and thermal management.

KSG in numbers

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45,000 m²

More than 350,000 square meters of PCBs are produced each year in Gornsdorf and Gars am Kamp on 45,000 square meters of production space thanks to innovative production technologies and highly skilled employees. 

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1000 Customers

An increasing number of companies are turning to us to implement their ideas in printed circuit boards. We work together to find the best solution and provide support to each of our 1000 customers throughout the entire production process. 

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904 employees

Our most important company asset is the experience, craftsmanship, technical knowledge, ideas and passion in the hands and heads of our 904 employees. 

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113 million euros

We thrive on the challenges you set us. And we want more. More printed circuit boards. New technologies. Faster production. A turnover of 113 million euros in 2019 is testimony that our ambition is paying off. 

In Europe, for Europe

KSG employs 904 employees at two production locations at the heart of Europe: Gornsdorf in Germany and Gars am Kamp in Austria. We tick in the same way as you. Thanks to European quality standards, our PCBs have the precision of a Swiss watch. We're close to our customers and speak their language – whether it's German, Austrian German, technical jargon, or simply straight talking. The focus of our European plants lies on short lead times and producing PCBs for complex applications from samples to large series.

Gornsdorf (Germany)

Employees: 691
Production area: 33,600 m²
Focus: Industrial electronics, car electronics
Since: 1878

Multilayer PCBs
HDI multilayer PCBs
Rigid-flex PCBs
Functional integration (embedding)
PCBs for high-frequency applications
IMS (insulated metallic substrate)
Thick copper PCBs

IQNet 50001:2011
ISO 50001:2011
ISO 14001:2015
ISO 9001:2015
ISO 9001:2015 I-QNet
IATF 16949:2016
UL Certificate, 03/07/2019
UL Certificate Canada, 03/07/2019

KSG printed circuit boards production facility in Germany

Gars am Kamp (Austria)

Photo of the manufacturing location Gars am Kamp

Employees: 213
Production area: 12,400 m²
Focus: Industrial electronics, medical engineering
Since: 1907

Multilayer PCBs
HDI multilayer PCBs
Rigid-flex PCBs
HSMtec – embedded copper
PCBs for high current and thermal management
3D solutions

ISO 9001:2015
UL Certificate, 03/07/2019
UL Certificate Canada, 03/07/2019
ISO 14001:2015*
IATF 16949:2016*

* Certifications planned in the medium term

Meet KSG

Factory tours at Gornsdorf and Gars am Kamp

Take a look behind the scenes of one of Europe's leading PCB producers and see how "Made in Europe" quality comes into being. Experience it all live: How PCBs are manufactured, how many work steps are required to produce a multilayer, and which processes in the production of a PCB have an influence on the board layout.

You'll find the answers to these questions and more at your visit to the KSG halls.

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