Corporate culture / management

KSG Vision

We are KSG - the technology partner for the digitalisation of the world.

We nurture a culture of curiosity and combine it with the best technological skills to create a flexible system in development, consulting and production. To achieve operational excellence, we convert the methodological competence of our employees into  team knowledge. This enables us to develop customer-specific solutions and to learn about the markets  of the future together with our customers. This is what makes us attractive to talent. We are driven by the desire to be the best sparring partner for the challenges facing our customers. And we are constantly improving together.

Which is why our motto is: "KSG. smarter.together."

Our Values


For us, rattling indicates poor craftsmanship. Whether it's for small sample runs or for large series, everything needs to sit firmly on your PCB so that your product works reliably. For this reason, our promise of quality starts with the selection of materials – and only ends once your product has been successfully launched.


We only make big promises if we can keep them. We employ great doers, not big talkers. Our engineers, developers and advisors always make clear statements that our customers can rely on. A good supplier must be 100% reliable.

The extra mile

Current always travels to the potential equalisation by the shortest path. That makes us different. We are professionals in useful detours. Here we demonstrate our perseverance. Here we learn new things. We set off on new paths without a map or a Sat Nav. But always with our goal in view – and curiosity in our backpack. For our customers we think outside the box. And discover undreamt-of possibilities.

People make the difference.

When you call us, we take it personally. That's because at our end of the phone, there's a real person who speaks your language and is open to your needs. This means that our customers can quickly make contact with expert advisors, forward-thinking developers, and dedicated engineers. We are smarter together.

Management of PCBs

Ideas and vision, development and innovation, efficiency and quality, team spirit and dedication - these are the guiding principles of KSG's management. Day in, day out. With full passion. For employees and for customers.

Portrait of Margret Gleiniger

Margret Gleiniger

Portrait of Swen Klöden

Swen Klöden