Because quality can not be relative.

Einstein motif in printed circuit board optics

Who are KSG?

Our name is: KSG.
Our product: PCBs, from samples through to large-scale production.
Our DNA: passionate overachievers.
Our most important quality? Committed team players.
What are we striving for? Continuous improvement.
Where do we want to go? From customer proximity to customer integration.
What drives us? New technologies and challenges.
Our attitude? People make the difference!

KSG printed circuit boards production facility in Germany

Good reasons to choose KSG

What actually sets us apart from other PCB manufacturers? Quite simply: We are passionate overachievers. Good is not good enough for us. We want to be better.

Rocket as symbol for fast PCB development

#1 Speed to Market

You can only change the world by being ahead of your time. In the case of new products, it's often a race to see who makes it onto the market first. With fast processes, 100% binding delivery dates, and samples with series maturity, we provide you with the drive that will take you right to the top.

Light bulb as symbol for printed circuit board co-engineering

#2 Engineering Support

Make great things happen together with experts. You bring the ideas, and we contribute our curiosity and thirst for knowledge. In co-engineering projects with our experienced specialists, we develop solutions that can make your product even better.

EU seal as symbol for printed circuit board production in Europe

#3 European Quality

We live in the same time zone. And the same things make us tick. Thanks to European quality standards covering everything from consultation by way of data processing through to manufacturing, our PCBs have the precision of a Swiss watch. Getting in contact with us is very easy, and we speak your language, whether it's German, English, technical jargon, or simply straight talking!

Microscope examines printed circuit board
Shooting star as a symbol for visionary printed circuit board manufacturing

Long live innovation!

True revolutionaries are always visionaries, too. They do not simply wait for the future - they create the future themselves. We've pledged to support our customers in doing this, too: With the latest materials and production techniques, but also with our know-how, experience, and the thirst for knowledge of our developers.

Whether career path or PCB track.

If impulses are passed on correctly, positive effects ensue. For 140 years.

C. A. Uhlmann craft business (predecessor of KSG Leiterplatten)
KSG Gornsdorf

Founding of the craft business

C. A. Uhlmann

Metal etching company Häusermann, later a manufacturer of printed circuit boards
KSG Gars

Häusermann founded as a metal etching shop

From a craft business to a stocking factory C. A. Uhlmann KG, later KSG Leiterplatten GmbH
up to 1945
KSG Gornsdorf

Expansion to become C. A. Uhlmann KG Stocking Factories

Employees in electronics production
KSG Gornsdorf

Start of electronics production

First employees of the printed circuit board production facility in Gornsdorf
KSG Gornsdorf

Start of PCB production in Gornsdorf

Employees looking at the first printed circuit board produced in Gars
KSG Gars

Start of PCB production in Gars

Image of a printed circuit board with etched copper lines on one side
KSG Gars

First PCB made of resin-impregnated bonded paper boards with single-sided etched copper wires

Multiple multilayer circuit boards from Gars
KSG Gars

First Austrian manufacturer to produce multilayers

Production plant of the private company KSG Leiterplatten
KSG Gornsdorf

Return to the founding family
From the former KSG Combine and subsequent trusteeship, KSG once again emerges as a private company

HSMtec printed circuit boards
KSG Gars

Market launch of HSMtec
Own technology for achieving targeted thermal management and high currents on PCBs

Start of modern production at the printed circuit board manufacturer in Gornsdorf
KSG Gornsdorf

Start of production at the new ultra- modern production facility (investment of € 50 million)

KSG and Häusermann merge to become the second-largest printed circuit board manufacturer in Europe
KSG Gornsdorf + KSG Gars

KSG acquires 100% of the shares of Häusermann. With a turnover of 132 million euros, the KSG Group is Europe’s second largest PCB manufacturer.

Our values

Reliability, quality and commitment are just some of the values that define what we do and how we do it. This means that every step in the production of our PCBs is a piece of high-quality workmanship.

Quality is the number one priority for the printed circuit board manufacturer KSG


For us, rattling indicates poor craftsmanship. Whether it's for small sample runs or for large series, everything needs to sit firmly on your PCB so that your product works reliably. For this reason, our promise of quality starts with the selection of materials – and only ends once your product has been successfully launched.

KSG goes the extra mile when it comes to developing new printed circuit board solutions.

The extra mile

Current always travels to the potential equalisation by the shortest path. That makes us different. We are professionals in useful detours. Here we demonstrate our perseverance. Here we learn new things. We set off on new paths without a map or a Sat Nav. But always with our goal in view – and curiosity in our backpack. For our customers we think outside the box. And discover undreamt-of possibilities.

Reliability - the principle used by engineers, developers and consultants


We only make big promises if we can keep them. We employ great doers, not big talkers. Our engineers, developers and advisors always make clear statements that our customers can rely on. A good supplier must be 100% reliable.

Personal and competent advice is the key to the phrase "People make the difference"

People make the difference.

When you call us, we take it personally. That's because at our end of the phone, there's a real person who speaks your language and is open to your needs. This means that our customers can quickly make contact with expert advisors, forward-thinking developers, and dedicated engineers. We are smarter together.